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Thread: Need help with external editing

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    Need help with external editing

    Here's my problem-- I set up a page using Net Objects fusion 5. I have no problem sticking in the scrolling marquee(or ticker tape) and changing it from my end. The guy wants to have a message, either scrolling text or a text box, that he can change from his computer. Is there anything I can use to get a message on a page that he could change without changing my saved website?....Keep in mind, he know's little about computers or the internet.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    only way i know of would be a server side scripting language like php or asp - you'd design a form so that he could log in and edit the text, and then it would be incorporated with the ticker. find out if you can run php or asp on the site and then if you can, ask again. If you cant tehn consider moving to one where you can, or alternatively you could write him a manual for how to edit the HTML for the marquee in notepad and reupload the file - if it's just that he wanted to do, then you could be pretty specific with the manual and even a dunce should be able to get it...

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    Thanx for the advice--I'll prob have to redo the site in either nuke or vportal. I guess what I was really hoping for was a program, or maybe getting a pic loader that could load a text file as an image from another source--then he could just upload a text file without the html.

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