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Thread: How Do You Create Something Like This

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    How Do You Create Something Like This

    Hi, i have an image that i want to place large text on it... however i want to create a special type of an effect.

    A - I want to cover all of the image with a white layer, then set the white layer to 70% opacity and then place the text on top and make the white layer under the font 0% opacity to give a cut out effect as seen in the photo i took below where the word SEXY is

    B - also can anyone recommend a wide based font that will give a large cut out effect...

    thanks in advance for your help


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    I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. It seems you already know what you want to do. Are you asking how to delete only the area of the text and nothing else?

    I think what I would do is create three layers:
    Layer 1 - background image
    Layer 2- just white. Leave it as 100% opacity for now.
    Layer 3 - Your text. Use a different color than white.

    Once you've created everything, merge down Layer three. In GIMP, you can do this by pressing Ctrl-L to get your Layers toolbar, then right-click Layer 3 and choose Merge Down. This will combine it with Layer 2, not with the background image.

    Select Layer 2 on the Layers toolbar to make sure you're working with it and not Layer 1. Click the Select by Color option and click on your text. Delete it, and there should be the background image in its place. Now you can change Layer 2's opacity to 70%.

    Unfortunately, I don't know what fonts are good for this, but just play around, you'll find something.

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    Here's how to create your effect in Photoshop:
    1. Open your image
    2. Create a new solid color layer, choose white and set the opacity to 70%
    3. Choose the text tool and pick a large font size 48 or greater and type some sample text
    4. Double-click this text layer to bring up the blending options panel
    5. Set the fill opacity to 0% and under the knockout dropdown menu box choose shallow

    This keeps your text and all your elements editable for later.

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