Hello Webdeveloper community.

I am searching for JavaScript Code that would help users open targeted pages (starting separate chapters) in the same PDF file within the same window external to the Website (so I only want one session of the PDF document).

The HTML code target="_blank" opens the same document in separate windows (separate sessions), and I need to avoid Windows clutter on the desktop or mobile device.

I tried using target="catalog" so that these specific pages open in the same window -- a code I found in the HTML Visual Quickstart Guide

I found a Javascript code also, but it does not open the new chapter in the same window.

This is what I have in the page's code:

<li><a href="javascript:newWindow('media/wtxcat.pdf#page=5')">Introduction (exhibit catalog)</a></li>
<li><a href="javascript:newWindow('media/wtxcat.pdf#page=7')">Chapter One (exhibit catalog)</a></li>

I want to use this or an alternate method to allow users going to different pages of the PDF document while keeping that PDF document open in the same window. Perhaps I am missing a line that would clear the previous page first.

Here is the js file, which I got out of the JavaScript Visual Quickstart Guide:

function newWindow(catalog) {
catWindow = window.open(catalog, "catWin", width=600, height=800)

I would appreciate any suggestions that could help me resolve this issue. Thank you in advance,