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Thread: Visual Studio 2005 using login controls with Access database

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    Visual Studio 2005 using login controls with Access database

    I wanted to use the built-in log-in controls that come with Visual Studio 2005. I am using an Access database to store all my usernames, paswords, etc.

    As I understand it, I have to use the "Website Administration" tool to set this up.

    When I go to the security tab of the website administration tool, I get an error message that says "There is a problem with your selected data store. blah blah blah"

    The strange thing is that I just created a brand new website, I had not yet set up any connections to databases or anything so I was surprised that it was already trying to connect to an SQL Server database, if I go to the "Provider" tab of "Website Administration", it says:

    "Your application is currently configured to use the provider: AspNetSqlProvider"

    It would not let me choose another provider, but this one will not connect anyway. What does all this mean? Is this 'ASPNetSqlProvider" to be used to store all my usernames, passwords, emails etc. for people that join this particular website and so will be the database that is loaded up onto the host? Or is this simply used to store specific info on my local computer about this website??

    I do have SQL Server 2005 installed on my local computer, but I would rather use Microsoft Access as my database because it is much cheaper to use Access as a database with my hosting company.

    Is there no way to use the built in ASP.NET 2.0 log-in controls with Access instead of SQL Server?

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    Hi Tony,

    You use the OdbcConnection class to connect to access databases and not the SQLConnection which is of course for SQL databases.




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