I'm in the process of learning about the cakephp framework - I've built a couple of simple things but now am aiming at something more complex involving the use of paypal. Thing is I haven't integrated paypal into a webapp before either

Does anyone know of any good plugins for cakephp which will allow me to set up a chained payment system easily?

I should point out that I've read all paypal's introductory documents and the various pdf's EG the helloMoney zip file someone kindly pointed me in the direction of and https://cms.paypal.com/cms_content/U...vePayments.pdf

which I found a bit tough going.

Basically I'm still a bit confused. Reading through the HelloMoney example and going well until it started talking about the API call being just an HTTP request. Thats when it lost me.

Now I know that I must sound very green indeed but I probably know more than you think, it's just I've never had to do anything like this before and I'm completely self-taught (I suppose most ppl are so hopefully you'll be understanding). So I'm looking for a plugin solution for cakephp or alternatively a step-by-step tutorial for a beginner, or maybe someone could just explain quickly in simple to understand words

Thanks in advance