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Thread: I want to increase trafic on my website?

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    I want to increase trafic on my website?


    I want to increase traffic on my website very fast plz help me.

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    Sep 2009
    Traffic on any site can not be increased very fast, it takes time.
    If you want to utilize blackhat techniques for increasing traffic then do not do that because it may result in banning of your site.

    Best way to increase traffic on your site is to use Social networking site or better Google adwords.

    Choose the method that is best suited as per your requirement.
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    Use Google adwords and other websites for PPC campaign. Its a great way for increase a traffic in short time...

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    ^true but you need to monitor your PPC daily.. social networking and bookmarking will do.. just remember to socialize with other to gain trust by that you can already post your site to build traffic and reputation.

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    There are many tips and tricks for index faster on our site. Here are some of them;
    - See what keywords are getting you the most traffic and what posts your readers like and donít like.
    - Develop relationships with all kinds of bloggers, especially those also in your niche.
    - Email campaign
    - Social Bookmarking
    - Blog Comments

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    If "content is king", then providing your visitors with valuable pieces of information that they can benefit from would do the trick.
    Also, consider social media presence - use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other community at your disposal to exhibit your website, in a polite manner.
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    If you need to increase instant traffic on your website then you can opt for paid campaigns like PPC to generate more traffic to your website.

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    Social bookmarking Submission, Article Submission & Directory Submission is the best way in SEO for promote your website.

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    Use social media like Facebok, Twitter, stumbleupon etc for promotion. It will drives lots of traffic to your site.

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    Choose top hot keywords,Purchase high-quality backlinks,This method is quickly.

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    Look in to buying some advertising space on a related forum or facebook, etc and place a banner or link to your website.

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    A great way to help generate traffic is to put your domain name in your signature and go to a niche forum site and put your domain name in your signature and create content worthy posts to help build your links. Another tip is to sign up for Internet Retailer the magazine is free and often has coupons for Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords. For example this month there is $50 dollars of free Facebook Advertising.
    Ryan Condron
    Freelance Web Developer

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    Do SEO(Onpage and Offpage) ,SEM,SMO for your website to increase traffic .

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    I feel that SMO is the best way to achieve traffic easily and quickly because now a day, most of the business and marketing people are concentrating and using there time on social networking sites.

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    Traffic is nothing that you are buying something from a shop you will get it fast just be patience and keep doing quality work else i think tips been provided other forum members

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