First of all sry for my english im not from England or something but i think you will understand.

So I have a lot of pages in my web aplication but i dont sure if i set all permissions corectlly.
Clicking at every page in the control panel is pretty slow and frustrating.
So i imagine that I would write sql query that get for my only that pages who has wrong permissions.

Sql is easy for me so its not a problem (i think so)

Problem is that i completlly dont know how algorithm 6 works.
I looking for answer for my own but only get two things
1. ResourceAction maps the permission names to a long number and store it in BitWiseValue.
2. ResourcePermission→actionId is a bit set and every bit is an action.

One questions on start
1. If Pages are store in the same tables did they have numbers instead of names? If yes, where real names or url (or whatever) are mapped into that numbers.

In general i dont rly need to know how algorithm 6 works. I just need where he store important information (page name and permissions for every user type).