Is anyone familiar with EDI and AS2? I'm working on a custom-written ecommerce web site. The entire site has been developed from scratch using the Zend Framework and the next task is to have orders transmitted to vendors using EDI (specifically ANSI X12 v4010). I am very new to EDI and AS2 and am having problems finding helpful information through Google. Doing searches for terms relating to EDI and AS2 only yield results relating to companies for hire to handle your EDI solutions.

Right now I'm working on generating the EDI documents. I've got the web site generating the appropriate EDI formatted documents. What I'm confused with is getting the EDI documents over to the AS2 engine. How do I get the EDI documents into the AS2 engine? We're currently using a free AS2 engine by /n software - - and there really is no help information provided with the product. Can anyone help explain how this works, or point me in the direction of some useful information?