Ok, so i've searched everywhere for the answer to this question, but cant quite come up with an exact answer. So, I've come to you guys possibly for some advise.

So, I'm building a website for a friend of mine and i need the site to display feeds from blogspot, twitter, and facebook all on the same site. I've attatched a picture of the site to this post so that you can see what i'm trying to accomplish.

Basically, i want it to be a kind of windows phone 7 esque layout that composites all of the blogger, twitter, and facebook feeds in the squares as they update themselves. now, herein lies the problem, i dont particularly know how to get the raw xml or serverside data from blogspot or any of the other social networks to be able to display the new [posts onto the website. are there any solutions from anyone?

(p.s. i dont know if this is the correct section to post this in. IF not, i hope one of the moderators can correct me. Thanks)