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Thread: XSLT newbie needing help - dynamic pages

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    Question XSLT newbie needing help - dynamic pages

    hello there,

    New to this forum and to xml / xslt but could really do with some help. Been struggling with this for a few days now...

    My situation is that I have a xml feed to process for an estate agent so i require a property search function, search display page (cracked that one) and individual property details page.


    The problem is whilst i seem to have been able to create a dynamic page linking from the property name and image on the search display page when you click on the dynamic url it doesn't show the property details as I would hope.


    I have created a url variable which displays the correct propertyID so I know the dynamic function is working, it's just the content displayed only seems to pick up the first record in the .xml feed.

    All I seem to be able to do is display either the first record or every record

    JUPIX (who created the xml feed) don't offer support so I'm on my own on this one i'm confident about styling the page as I wish it's just getting it to display the relevant property details that correspond with the propertyID in the url.

    Please help, offer advice, point in the right direction - i'll be eternally grateful

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    can you provide a sample of the XML you are searching through?

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