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    Want to buy ...

    So im looking for someone who is able to make me a website with a quiz in it.

    The quiz answers have to be forward to my email and to the email of the person who answered the questions.

    Plz pm if you up to the job.

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    If you want people to bid for work, you're going to have to post a little more info than that! Such as what language you want?

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    Language will be in english & portuguese (i will give the portuguese translation).

    Its a simple website with a 10/20 quizz questions of multiple choice. In the end users write down their respective emails and the question answer/score its sent to their emails and mine

    just enter in pm with me and ill give you more info than this.

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    With language we mean, what development language are you looking for like ASP, JSP, PHP etc. for your website development.

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