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Thread: Web designer looking for programmer for themeforest.net

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    Web designer looking for programmer for themeforest.net

    Hi everyone.

    I'm currently working as a support for one of the authors on themeforest.net. His bussiness goes really well and I realized that I could sell templates too, but unfortunately my coding skills are only basic html, css. Mainly I'am a graphic designer with lot of experience in photoshop. I can draw almost every layout for website, but is not enough to make full-working template. That's why I came here and I'm looking for programmer to cooperate and start business on themeforest.net together.

    If someone of you is interested just contact me at liquidcoders@gmail.com or here on forums. I can show some of my latest layouts if you are interested.

    Thanks and greetings. Martin

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    I would like to add that I'm most interested in WordPress Themes because of popularity.

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    mail sent..

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    We are interested in your project. Please share your details to info@optisolbusiness.com


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