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Thread: Floats causing problems in Internet Explorer

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    Floats causing problems in Internet Explorer


    I've got this website nearly complete but I'm struggling with one issue - and this issue only appears to happen in Internet Explorer.

    The "Call Us" number in the header on the top right is not aligned properly in Internet Explorer but works fine with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. I know there is an issue with floats and IE but I'm not able to figure this one out and was hoping I could get some assistance here.

    Really appreciate the help, thank you.

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    It's not the float. .head4 selects a font family that IE doesn't recognize, so it falls back to the last font-family setting, which causes an overflow. Add substitute font-family choices and you should have better luck.

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    It's not the float.
    I think it is, at least in part. To get cross-browser rendering, floats have to be maintained (=repeated) or cleared. Div.head3 still has a float, but div.head4 has nothing. I would suggest to give that a clear:left.
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    I can give you some tips on how to setup what you did better, I couldn't figure out how to solve based on what I looked at but I can see why IE is throwing issues.

    I would also look into using Javascript to pull off the flash animation effect

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