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Thread: Big issue with conflicting js and css? please help :(

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    Big issue with conflicting js and css? please help :(

    Ok, this is a test site I'm working on and I need help. Basically I'm using paypal's little javascript widget on my site, and when I click "add to cart" the item does as it is told and is added, but the paypal box that pops down is immitating another jquery function! Here, have a look for yourself:


    simply click "add to cart" and you will see what I mean. If you hover over the item bought, the red area will grow, and when you hover over one of the categories in the main page that slide around, the paypal dropdown mimics it's actions.

    How do I separate what scripts go with which element?


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    I'm pretty sure this is a LI issue. I think paypal uses LI and the CSS and javascript is controlling those LI.

    How do I separate two different sets of LI within javascript/css?

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