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Thread: Play MP3 files repeatedly

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    Play MP3 files repeatedly

    Hi All,
    I am trying to learn JavaScript, I am creating a test page like a Learning page for children, where a child selects "Apple" and then selects repeat 3 times or times etc and the it plays what ever the user selected that many times, the user can even select "Apple", "Ant", "America" and select repeat any number of times (say 2 times each) and the media player will play like this "Apple", "Apple", "Ant", "Ant", "America", "America".
    Now I downloaded all these from different sites in mp3 format.
    How can I make the program to do what I want to do as said above, simple code.
    for i IN (all selected)
    repeate (times user selected);
    end loop;
    Any advice is helpfull.
    Please consider that I am totally new to this technology...


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    if oga etc. possible

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