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    Windows Virtual Server

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Godaddy Shared Hosting Plan, the emails that are sent from the website are always a little delayed. I'm thinking about moving my website to Godaddy's Virtual Server Hosting Plan. I don't have any experience with this, can someone advise how hard this will be? I'm sure I'll be able to setup email accounts and dns thru the control panel I plan to get with it. Once the site is set up do I need to worry about managing things like security, viruses and stuff like that? Only reason I'm moving the site is because I need emails to get to me instantly, please advise,


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    You mean Virtual Private Server(VPS) right? Definitely look into what they do on there end as far as the setup and configuration. I think VPS's allow you to have more control over server configurations similar to dedicated servers but I'd want to make sure I didn't get stuck with something that required extra configuration on my part unless I was used to setting up servers.

    Also, business plans usually have a few less customers on them than the basic shared hosting plans so they aren't as bogged down.

    I'm a hostgator fan so I couldn't say much else about godaddy other than to say I think they are similar in there business plans and VPS

    I'd contact their support on the phone or through chat and confirm what you get and what they do as part of the change over to get you up and going.

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