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Thread: Unbelievable Problems in IE

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    Unhappy Unbelievable Problems in IE

    Hello. Im hoping someone can help.

    I currently have a website which I am working with in Wordpress. But the problems in Internet Explorer are unbelievable, ive never had so much of a problem before which made me think it was switching to html5 or wordpress itself.

    Heres a link http://www.health-trainers.org/

    The problems generally are the rounded boxes which I thought i was using an array of code that supports all browsers but I guess not.

    And then the Menu has lost its rounded boxes and with the logo it is not in the right place.

    Some boxes have completely disappeared. I really don't want to go back to images for these boxes.

    I have recently took out all html5 for example <header> <section> <footer> which before when they were there it was even worse. Its just cant be html5 can it?

    Can anyone help, all help would be much appreciated and I will reply back. Thank you in advance.

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    Lightbulb out of luck with IE...use another browser

    Hi Steve

    Hate to say but IE 9 , which I suspect you are referring to, is very much bleeding edge (literally) and not cutting it with most websites on the net. My banking site does not even want to function in IE 9.

    For now, use and test with alternate browsers and put a ‘disclaimer’ on your header to use a recommended browser if you detect the user is connecting with IE 9. Google has done it and it did not seem to hurt their web user growth.


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    Red face

    Hello Bophyns

    Yeh IE9 seems impossible. I was going to use alternative stylesheets but due to time now have to cut all new html5 codex back down to simple div tags.

    But luckily with the rounded boxes I found a plugin called border-radius.htc which helps the sites rounded boxes work within all IE browsers.

    Just the problem is it doesn't support css gradients which I had an IE fix for but is not compatible with the htc file. so instead of using a gradient image as a background I have just took them off.

    However with IE 6 I will be putting in a disclaimer in the header but unfortunatly like most businesses my clients still use IE7.

    I see a lot of popular agencies use HTML5 in their websites and I figure they are using alternative stylesheets for IE browsers.

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