I have just had access to my first smart phone running android and the opera mini version 5 browser

Noticing the need to make my sites compatible with new technology I was looking into this when i discovered a problem

Images on the site in question are too small when viewed with opera mini 5 on my android phone

It seems that any image with width or height set in the code to be above around 400 is displaying smaller

For example I have a graphic 530 pixels high and 218 wide, when I view this it looks way too thin, not nearly the 218 pixels wide it is supposed to be on the page and causing gaps in the layout

However if I change the size in the image code and modify the height to be say 300, the graphic suddenly gets wider and fills the full space it is supposed to be filling

So my question is, firstly why does this browser resize images that are above a certain amount of pixels in width or height, and secondly how do I compensate for this so that the site displays correctly in the browser