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Thread: Javscript Help?

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    Javscript Help?

    Hello Everyone i am working on a our new website and i cant seem to get all the javscript working.

    The site is www s m e d i a . ca/new/

    If you scroll down the page and click on see screen shots the page will slide. If you hit see our work at the top it will scroll you down to that area and the slide effect will not work.

    I know it is not the scroll effect stoping the slide because the slide works when i scroll to the bottom by clicking contact in the main menu.

    I dont know what the problem is when you click see our work it access the scroll function and switches the content from an external file using ajax.

    I have been looking for the problem with the code and i cant find it. I am hoping this will be an easy fix and i have jsut over looked something.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How do i edit a thread in this forum?

    OK so i have traced the problem to when i load my content in with ajax for some reason the panel div does not want to slide open. Would loading the content with ajax cause the script to stop working on would the script on be able to access the new panel div?

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