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Thread: Please help me save time!

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    Smile Please help me save time!

    While I usually frown on javascript injection, I am in need of its benefits. Everyday I must fill out the same stupid evaluation, which consists of 15 yes/no radio buttons.

    Basically, I would like to have a java script injection that works in the url bar that would select all of the yes radio buttons on this evaluation.

    Both yes and no radio buttons have the same name, but obviously different values). The name of each element is incremented up by 1 each time.

    (no predefined ids)

    Please help me!

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    Assuming the radio buttons have a value of 'yes':

    javascript:AE=document.getElementsByTagName('input'); for( var i in AE )if(AE[i].type=='radio'&& /\byes\b/i.test(AE[i].value))void(AE[i].checked=true)
    Where used, return should be executed unconditionally and always as the last statement in the function.

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