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Thread: Creating A Calender Using HTML

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    Creating A Calender Using HTML

    Hey All,

    I need to create a calender for my website, which will include events, so when you user clicks on the date, it comes up with the event details.

    So, if possible, to have it password protected? If there is any way to doing that.

    Not sure if I need to use Javascript or not, most likely do :P

    Cheers Guys!!!

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    you best bet is going to be referencing a google calendar.

    unless you want to get buddy, buddy with html, css, javascript, and a server side language.

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    If your hosting service allows php and MySQL databases, I've recently found a nice calendar called calendarix from www.calendarix.com. They have a free version which will do what you're looking for (I use it for exactly the same thing). The calendar can be viewable by all, but can only be edited by an administrator.

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