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Thread: [RESOLVED] USB partitions and booting...

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    resolved [RESOLVED] USB partitions and booting...


    I have a 2gig usb memory stick on which I wish to install a bootable live linux OS.
    On the same disk I wish to have a partition for ordinary files.

    I have partitioned the usb stick to one primary partition (on which linux is installed) set as bootable, and an extended partition on which exists a logical partition (for files).

    I want to know if I can set this up so that windows xp can detect the files on the logical partition. Linux does this very well however windows does not even detect the logical partition. Is this even possible on windows xp?


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    After I was writing the question above I realised the answer to my question....

    If you put linux on the extended partition and mark it as bootable in linux the boot menu boot from this partition and windows only detects the primary partition for the files....

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