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Thread: Opinions on Zazavi?

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    Opinions on Zazavi?

    Hi everyone,

    I found a nice-looking sitebuilder called Zazavi (zazavi.com) but I can't find any info on it ANYWHERE--no reviews, nothing. Since I'm very new to web design, I don't feel competent to evaluate the sitebuilder myself, and I'm hesitant to start making my site in Zazavi and then realize mid-project that there's something seriously wrong with how Zazavi works. Can anyone give their opinion of it?

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    yeah i actually have one i was skeptical at first i think there in sweden somewhere well anyways i cant find no vids or tutorials on it and ive been working on my page for a week struggling but i got it down and looks descent for someone who isnst a web developer lol but its probably the easiest developer out there im getting ready to call the support i need help trying to upload my music to the page and i dont know how and your right there is no review on this builder,tutorials not even on you tube which i was surprised i just hop they speak english well so i can understand them or atleast are fond of americans lol but ill get back to ya

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