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Thread: Drop Down Selectable Search Engine

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    Question Drop Down Selectable Search Engine

    Hello All, I'm absolutely stunned by my clients request and require the assistance of more savvy developers on this.

    My client wants a Search box that contains to fields - [1] Business [2] City.
    When you click on the "Business" field a drop down menu appears with all the options available, you then choose the businesses you are interested in. Then you move on to the cities you are looking these business/es for, when satisfied you hit enter a complete list matching your selections appears in a formatted page.

    Would anyone know of anything similar out there that I can learn from, or can someone give me a list/map of how I should get started and what to do?

    Here's a link of a moc-up I did to show what I'm talking about - http://www.marcusgroup.com/test/imag...hSelection.jpg

    Thanks, so, so, so much in advance peeps.


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    Any help is much appreciated guys. I'm baffled.

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