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    We are looking for coders!

    Gamecandy.com is going to be the next best thing, we are committed to bring the news to the gamers and let the gamers have their own input into the site. Gamecandy will be a community like never before.

    But before we can start to change the way game fanatics use the internet we need to build a platform for it, that's where you come in!

    We are looking for experienced designers and writers (php, java etc.) to help us build this unique gaming community, the site will need allot of work and we need people who love games and are motivated and want to be part of GameCandy.

    If you are interested you can contact us on [gamecandy@hotmail.co.uk]

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    , Team GameCandy

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    i am very interested in being a part of your company. You should know i don't work for money but for a portion of your company. I am well skilled in html, php, sql, css, etc and am willing to help for around this is negotiable (25%) if you are a small company at the moment or (12.5%) if you are a large company. just let me know if you are ok with it give me some contact information and we can get started. I am really keen to work with you in this company as the gaming business is booming at the moment.

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    I have sent proposal over mail. Please feel free to check it and let me know of your interest.


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