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Thread: what is the effect of banner

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    what is the effect of banner

    Hi everyboby, I just start to learn about web programming for 3 months and I want to know about the effect of a banner. When you place a banner on other website, may it automatically help to increase your traffic or it need someone to click on the banner?

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    Obviously, you need someone to click on that banner ti visit your site. It's as simple as you are searching something on search engine and you get your desired results, but till you don't click any particular result you can't visit any website.

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    Banner Ads are a great way to use your site's traffic to generate revenue.but it will not automatically improve traffic unless some one click on it...

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    this is the holly grail of PPC, Click to earn and exchange hits. they earn point in every click converting to cash.

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    Just your site's mark , no traffic related.
    Of course, if your logo show on high traffic sites, maybe bring a lot of visitor.

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    If you have placed the banner on a high traffic website (for your website) - then YES this banner will bring in traffic to your website.

    If you place a banner on your own website then this obviously means you will be charging to place it there - which means money .

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