I have what I think is a quick question. If I have:

homeBuilderWebsite.com/ - website about the builder itself the links to the sites below

homeBuilderWebsite.com/elite_Condos/ - separate website for condo dev#1
homeBuilderWebsite.com/radical_homes/ - separate website for condo dev#2
homeBuilderWebsite.com/nifty_residences/ - separate website for condo dev#3

will I get worse search engine hits then if each of the 3 condo developments had their own domain name (not including the extra points for words within the domain name itself)? So for example, if I buy:

homeBuilderProject1.com (something without the name of the condo in it, just for example - I know that would be dumb to do) and move the content from homeBuilderWebsite.com/elite_Condos/ to it, would it get better results then the 2 projects left behind? Does content get penalized for being deeper into a domain vs. at the root level?