Hi guys, I have something fresh for you!
Btw. it's not an advert, because I have no profit from that... just tell me what you think about the project itself.

Here is the link:

Few words about the project:
Descript is a lightweight, open-source foundation for advanced web applications development which requires a well-organized and object-oriented approach. It is a kind of framework which fills the gaps in pure JavaScript programming, making it more intuitive and compatible with modern patterns.

Main advantages:

  • Fully object-oriented JavaScript code - define and inherit class definitions, override methods, use packages...
  • Simple integration - just one instead of several script tags in your HTML source;
  • Event driven development inspired by W3C DOM events model, extended and applied to wider application area.
  • Easy debugging and runtime control with build-in Debug Console tool;
  • No cross library conflicts thanks to unique namespace for Core features and package system;
  • Untouched native prototypes - doesn't affect any native JavaScript objects' implementation;

Thanks for your attention.