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Thread: Preventing on click event until after database is updated from prior click

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    Preventing on click event until after database is updated from prior click

    I have a div contained in an object that registers for a click event, and once clicked, uses ajax to communicate with the server and update a user rating for an item.

    When updating the rating, it checks if the item already exists in the database, if not, I use an INSERT, otherwise I use an UPDATE. My issue is that if the user clicks very quickly, two INSERTS are run and i end up with duplicates in my database. Is there a standard means of preventing this or disabling the onclick and re-enabling it on the ajax call back?

    Here is my abbreviated code:

    PHP Code:
    $sql="UPDATE database SET rating=" $_POST['rating'] . ", status=" $_POST['status'] . " WHERE user=" $_POST['user'] . " AND isbn=" $_POST['isbn'];

    $result mysql_query($sql);       
        if (
    mysql_affected_rows()==0) {
    $sql="INSERT INTO database (user, isbn, rating, status) VALUES (" $_POST['user'] . ", " $_POST['isbn'] . ", " $_POST['rating'] . ", " $_POST['status'] . ")";
                if (!
    "------Book failed to add------");
    "------Book successfully added------");
    "------Book successfully updated------");
    //add event listener
    star1.addEventListener('click', function(e){changeYouStars(e, mySelf);}, false);

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    You could either remove the event listener when clicking the button and add it again when the request is done, or just set a boolean that keeps track if a request is in progress or not - something like this:
    var isRequesting = false;
    star1.addEventListener('click', function(e){
        if (!isRequesting) {
            isRequesting = true;
            changeYouStars(e, mySelf);
    }, false);
    function onRequestComplete() {
        isRequesting = false;

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