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Thread: Looking for a Web Developer.

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    Looking for a Web Developer.

    Hey there, I'm representing a partnership of about 5 people, who are currently working on developing a software company called Alyus. We were formally known as ARI, and you can see our former site at www.arisystems.org. We currently have some incredible profit generating software in development, but we lack a web developer on our team, something we feel we need.

    If anyone's interested in joining an awesome team please reply to this thread or send me a PM.

    Thanks guys! Hope to hear from some of you soon!

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    We do have a well skilled developer who capable to work for you.
    If you're kind of interested in outsourcing your projects, will recommend to you our top developers in-house.

    You may PM me here so could discuss further.

    Hoping to hear from you.


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