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Thread: Proposed new sticky for the HTML and CSS forums

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    Proposed new sticky for the HTML and CSS forums


    People frequently post questions on the HTML and CSS forums with, for those who help out, a number of annoying omissions and habits. Omissions and habits that are not or only marginally covered by the instructions in the two stickies directly over the thread listings. I would therefore propose a new sticky with the following text:

    Before you post a question, please take note of these instructions:

    1. If possible and applicable, put the object on the web so we can see it live. If not possible but still applicable, post the whole code in one code block from <!doctype ..> to </html>, stripped of all irrelevant matters. Replace any relative urls with absolute urls, also in the head and in the style block.
    2. See if your code is basically sound by running it through the W3 Validator.
    3. Enclose any code you post in code tags (the buttons over the form with the # and <>).
    4. Don't over-ask. We will help you with all your problems, but we won't (re)design a webpage for free. If you have multiple problems and a crash course in html/css doesn't solve the problem, start multiple threads.
    5. Try to write proper English in proper sentences. Use your/a spelling checker or Google's translation service if necessary. Use capital letters and punctuation marks where called for — lest we think that you will be a sloppy coder as well, hardly worth helping.
    6. Give a clear description of your problem, also in the title (not: 'Urgent!' or 'Need help!'). Do not use exclamation marks or all capital letters for your title!
    7. No phony problems just to plant links to your website! Your message will be removed!
    8. As a matter of common courtesy, please report back how suggestions worked out.

    Welcome to the forum!

    I would propose that it gets the title READ BEFORE POSTING. I know this is in all capital letters, but new folks frequently are in an awful hurry and will otherwise overlook it. Another option would be to put it in normal letters, and put this line directly over the message entry form: 'If you have not done so yet, please read these instructions before posting a question or problem.'

    I don't care if my name goes under it or not. I will be just as happy if it is signed by 'The moderators'.

    Please let me know what you think of it.
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