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Thread: [RESOLVED] JS/JQuery script for mysql data editting

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    resolved [RESOLVED] JS/JQuery script for mysql data editting

    I am looking for JQuery script that could help me to edit mysql table. I am sure something should be published, but I don't know where to search. I need something very simple to install and configure.

    The idea is to have a form field on a page, where all columns of table would be placed. Every mysql column should be on separate line and there should be a save button next to it. So if I edit a column, then I would just press Save button, and the request to save actual value would be send to server. No page reload. I would continue editing and saving all columns and when I would be at bottom of page, then I would press the Next button, and next mysql row would be loaded to the form field.

    Is any similar code on internet for this editing purposes?
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