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    Availability Calendar

    Hi guys, i'm not too sure how I want to do this yet (or how it is possible) but I want locum doctors to be able to add their availability to a calendar, without having to register or log in, by adding their name in to date slots. My members can then go in to their members area, in to a "locum directory" section and find the name in the list to get that doctors contact details.

    So my question is, what type of calendar would be suitable for this, is there one I can download from anywhere that allows users to enter their own data? I have been searching events calendars because i'm sure i've seen one in the past that allowed users to add events to it and I could just modify this for entering names. But then I would need to integrate a form for the doctors to submit their contact details to me for posting in the members area.

    I hope I havent confused and appreciate any help.


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    OK, I am now thinking if the user is able to add to the event calendar, that may also allow them to edit and delete their events, which could make it possible for them to edit/delete other peoples stuff.
    So I have found this: http://www.softcomplex.com/products/php_event_calendar/

    I am going to try and implement this on to my site, add a form for the locum doctors to fill out with their details, availability, supported documents etc... and I will manually add their availability to that events calendar, which can then be viewed by all but if contact details are required, can only be viewed by paid members.

    Can anyone think of any other better ways to do this?


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