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Thread: Help w/web vid player/recording & Amazon S3

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    Help w/web vid player/recording & Amazon S3

    I'm looking for some code to help me begin my quest to put a flash player on a web page that records the user via webcam and then store the recording in Amazon S3.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Embed flash player webcam recording and move to Amazon S3


    I want to share my experience of embedding webcam video recording to my site and then stored then to Amazon S3. I could not imagine that there is a service called Nimbb that offers this great technology. I integrated into one of my client's Website for a national online TV contest. It was great to see how easy and convenient was for the users to record their videos and much more convenient for me to move thousands of videos to Amazon S3.

    To record video using the nimbb player on your site: http://nimbb.com/Doc/Videos/Basic.aspx

    To move video to Amazon S3 use the Move function: http://nimbb.com/Doc/Dev/Service/

    Please let me know if my answer was helpful.

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