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    iFrame help

    I am currently redoing my fraternity school website and I am having a problem with my iFrame. I want scrolling bars but not on the pages that don't necessarily need them. I set the scrolling to "Auto" and decreased the table size of the pages that are supposed to be loaded into the iFrame but this doesn't remove the scrolling bars. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Here is the link: http://apa.org.msstate.edu/

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    look at your styles.css

    Body's width is set to 960px, while the Iframes width is set to only 800.

    In each of your pages in the Iframe, you are loading the style, which is setting the content inside your Iframe larger than the Iframe itself. To make the scrollbars go away, you will need to set the width of the body inside of the iframe to less than 800. For example, 799px.

    Alternatively, you can make the Iframe bigger, say 961px.

    Good Luck! Tell me if it worked!
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