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Thread: BacklinksSearch.com <-- Please Review

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    Red face BacklinksSearch.com <-- Please Review

    Backlinks Search

    BacklinksSearch.com is a site dedicated to helping users uncover all information about their backlinks.

    The site design itself is nothing at all remarkable, it is a modified WordPress Theme, as the site architecture is using Wordpress as a CMS.

    The Search Tools are written by me and hopefully will prove to be useful. The homepage uses the Google API as recently opened by Google for statistics such as pagerank and backlinks.

    The other tools I used various search engines and inserted boolean operators using JavaScript to get different backlinks research parameters.

    The same for the Yahoo Linkdomain tools.

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    Your site is a good tool for searching backlinks on more then one search engine but unfortunately there is no information on the backlink means; If I am getting backlink then on which site my link is present and how many times a backlink is present on a single domain.

    I am not criticizing your site but there are site and tools available which can provide a better information.
    One of the best site for this is SEOMoz. Please check that.
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    Thanks for the critique. That is true, it was a bit of work and I will build more comprehensive tools if the site gets any meaningful search traffic.

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