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Thread: missing } after property list

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    missing } after property list

    hi please help to find this error please

    $(function() {
    $(".clickcal2").editable("ajax.php", {
    indicator : "<img src='../images/indicator.gif'>",
    tooltip : "Click to edit...",
    style : "inherit",
    type : "select",

    data : " {<?php
    $sql="select adminid,name from admin where status='active' ";
    $result=mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_error());
    echo $row['name'];

    ?>:<?php echo json_encode($row['name']); ?>,<?php } ?>}",

    submit : "OK",
    cancel : "Cancel"


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    You'll have to show the generated source code for us to be sure. Load the page, and view the source, and copy the code, changing names or information if necessary.
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