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Thread: Open Link in Existing Tab

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    Open Link in Existing Tab


    Does anybody know of a way to open a clicked link in an existing (already open) tab?

    I know you can open in the current tab, open in a new tab but in an existing tab I'm not too sure about.

    I thought target="tab name" would do the job but no luck with that.

    As a bit of background, I am working on my own database backend function and rather than opening new tabs all the time I would like to move to and refresh an existing tab.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Well, if the tab was opened via JavaScript there may be a way.

    Anything you do is going to be quite a bit of work though. This isn't really considered a "feature" of HTML and I know there is no easy way to do it.

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    javascript and html have no knowledge of tabs. You can use target="_blank" to open the link in a new window, but it's still up to the browser how to handle such a link. I wouldn't want to use a web site that controls my tabs like you suggested. It would be annoying to click a link and lose whatever I had in the other tab.

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    What about popups?

    I'm just saying that if the tab was generated by java script, you could use window.opener to check a function or use the variable set to create the new tab to access functions inside that new tab.

    Sure some browser may open the popup in a new window, but many will open a new tab. Just exploring options here people.

    Hope this gives some ideas!

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