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Thread: Access DirectX api?

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    Access DirectX api?

    Hello all,

    This post is in reguards to finding some direction with programming client-side web graphics.

    I have solid HTML fundamentals. I have some VBScript and javascript under my belt. I have completed some introductory lessons in C, C++, Win32, and DirectX 9 programming.

    I have Windows Vista Ultimate, but I usually run my XP Pro OS. I got into Microsoft at a bad time when Vista was just coming out. If I could go back, I would just have waited for Windows 7.

    I want to get started with some graphics. Tonight, I decided to look some stuff up. I went the javascript route first. Then I wondered if I could access the DirectX api from script. I found info on DirectX Transform for manipulating 2D images. I like 2D stuff, but I also want 3D.

    Additionally, I also did some research on ActiveX here: http://www.active-x.com/articles/whatis.htm. This sounds promising due to the mentioning of cross-platform and use of different programming languages. I have no idea how to get started with using and/or accessing ActiveX &/or DirectX from script.

    Oh, and I almost forgot. I am programming without an IDE. I have the Express Editions, and also DevC++. I have an O'reilly book on object oriented programming as well. I am just not all that into trying to compile my code at this time. So, I am doing everything old school with notepad. Sometimes I use notepad++. I am waiting on some older (2000 to 2003) books on ASP, DHTML, ADO, and VBScript to come in the mail. The newer .net stuff has a way of losing me. That O'reilly book is great, but l am staying away from compiling code if I can help it.

    If someone could give me some tips, ie: links, book suggestions, etc. I'll be SUPER greatful!

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