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Thread: [Google API]Using arrow keys in IE8

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    [Google API]Using arrow keys in IE8

    Hi all,

    I have a code that allows to display Google suggestions. The event that handles this is :


    It works except in IE8. It turns out that IE8 is not responding to 'oninput' , so I replaced that with 'onpropertychange' and now it works.

    Except now when I'm trying to go down in the suggestions list and place the value in the input field a request is made and list changes which is very annoying because now you can't come down in the suggestions list.

    Here is the complete code: JS Bin

    Try to change 'oninput' in to 'onpropertychange' for IE8 to get the suggestions working. So basically my question is with what can I replace 'onpropertychange'? Or even better, How can I break down the request when coming down in the list ?
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