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Thread: Animify - Feedback needed

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    Smile Animify - Feedback needed

    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently working on a jQuery plug providing some cool <canvas> animations. It's at an early dev stage, some bugs to fix, plenty of work to do.
    If you have a minute, could you please visit animify.com and check out the demos. Any feedback, suggestions, ideas much appreciated


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    That's good stuff. Everything looks great in Chrome!

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    Glad you like it

    Which effect did you like the most so far?

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    I think I like the film-noir.

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    Cool, I got few other people saying the same already

    Keep your eyes our for new stuff coming

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    I like the basic one the best.

    I did a similar thing but with orange bubbles in flash a few years back for a client with no taste. But that doesnt look too overpowering and far better in jquery.

    Well done!

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    That was the idea - not to overdo it, but do something which by default picks up the style of your site and colours and make a matching effect. You can customise it a bit and there is more options coming, so if someone wants to there will be an opportunity to go tasteless-crazy

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    A quick update: version 0.46 is out ready for testing:

    1) 'intro' param added, available for each effect and on by default -> at the moment it fades in the effect after the page has loaded, there will be more intros coming though
    2) 'posterize' param for 'film-noir' added, check the demos
    3) Debug toolbar (only performance can be checked at the moment)
    4) Validation - the script will leave your browser alone if it cannot average 15 fps

    Please have a look at demos / benchmarks

    Looking forward to your feedback

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    And version 0.47 is out now

    Small update, but couple of things worth checking out:

    Grunge effect

    Film-noir with image aging

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    Version 0.48 is live.

    Big improvement of the ageing effect, different look for grunge - although this one is not quite complete yet. (Both look somewhat better in FF imho, what do you think?)

    Go to demos and have a look please

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