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Thread: Auto Update DB Question

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    Question Auto Update DB Question


    i'm new to this forum and a newbie in webdevelopment so, if my question is in wrong section mods, please move it!

    my problem sounds like this:
    a user send some data to server (trough php) actually a date & hour, at the respective hour i want some data in my DB to be updated (changed) even if user leaves the page (the date & hour may be 3 days ahead so he can't keep the browser open 3 days).
    my question is: how can i do those changes. what program(preferably free)/language/technology should i use to make those changes.
    as far as i know i can't do this with php.

    ps: i know html, js, css, php.
    pss: i use xampp.


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    Question Nobody?

    please, nobody knows how to do this?

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