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Thread: Download file using javascript

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    Download file using javascript

    I need to download a file from an html page inside a public portal. File is in an intranet server folder.

    From the html page, using javascript I call an asp.net webservice that reads a file, and sends its content as a byte array.

    How can I download/show that file using that byte array from the javascript function?

    Thanks, Fabio

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    just load the binary from ajax, you don't need a byte array...
    to download, the best way is to echo the data from a server that sets a content-disposition header to attachment and offers a meaningful filename to the user.

    without a server, you can use data: urls and an external-handled or unknown mime type to raise the open/save dialog box. this will allow the user to save the file in ie9+, but you won't have a suggested filename, which makes it less usable than the server bounce method...
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