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Thread: Sample Code Calculation Form Multiplying 4 Numbers

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    Post Sample Code Calculation Form Multiplying 4 Numbers

    Hello everyone I have a long time to program and I would apreciate if you could help me.

    I need to write a simple html form.

    My form looks like this:

    integer variable a11=1
    integer variable a12=2

    (1) Textbox User Input Integer
    (2) Textbox User Input Integer
    (3) Textbox fixed non editable value 15%
    (4) Dropdown Yes/No

    If (4) = Yes then Total = (1)*a11
    If (4) = No then Total = (2)*a12


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    Here is the sample code,

    you haven't mentioned what is the use of percentage textbox,

    also if you to have just Yes or No as choice , its better to use radio button.

    Here we are calling the calculate() function whenever the button is clicked

    then access the elements in the page, and do the calculations.

        <title>Simple Calculator</title>
        <script type="text/javascript">
            var a1=1,a2=2;
            function calculate()
                var choice=document.getElementById('choice');
                var txt1=document.getElementById('txt1').value;
                var txt2=document.getElementById('txt2').value;
                var txtper=document.getElementById('txtper').value;
                var txtresult=document.getElementById('txtresult');
        First Input :<input type="text" id="txt1" /><br />
        Second Input:<input type="text" id="txt2" /><br />
        Percentage:<input type="text" id="txtper" value="15" readonly="readonly" /><br />
        Choice<select id="choice">
            <option value="Yes">Yes</option>
            <option value="No">No</option>
        <br />
        Result:<input type="text" id="txtresult" /><br />
        <input type="button" value="Calculate" onclick="calculate()" />

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    Thanks a lot Mourya. Now I have a starting point to build my form.

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