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    Question webpage transition..

    Im working with a school project. I am an HTML neophyte and I want to have transitions in between my webpages (specifically upon page enter). I've read several articles and it mentioned that it's only working with IE. Is there any way that I can make it work with firefox or other browsers?..


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    You can use jQuery to make page transitions.


    Meta Transitions
    What you were referring to were "Meta Transitions" which were special metatags. See my Meta Tag Generator (link in my signature below) that will create them for you... but they are now deprecated by MS!

    The latest version of IE no longer supports meta transitions, so they are basically obsolete, as no other browser supported them and they were an invention of Microsoft - now abandoned to posterity.

    This used to work in older versions of Internet Explorer (the recent IE9 no longer supports them):
    <meta http-equiv="Site-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=2.0)" />
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