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Thread: Which web Host?? UK preferably

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    Which web Host?? UK preferably

    Ok this is a rookie question and if i spent enough time on it I could probably find a hosting company that would be fine but advice can be invaluable so...

    There is hundreds of them and all I want is a pretty simple, not too basic web host.
    At the moment i'm only using client-side development but will want to go into mysql and PHP at some point soon.

    Just a list of names of companies or something would be fine here! Sorry to infect the forum with such ignorance haha..

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    iClickster - Great servers, Great uptime and best prices i have seen for multi domain hosting, and has UK based servers.

    Not sure about hostgator having uk based servers but have heard that they are good too.

    Stay away from justhost however - and try to rely on testimonials and reviews left on social media sites rather than on the hosts own platform.

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    Moved my sites to freethought-internet.co.uk a few months back and they've been awesome. No downtime. Excellent customer support. There's been occasions on a weekeend evening I've contacted them for support related queries, and they've got back to me within 20 or so minutes, and that's on the weekend! The queries were relating to domain and account transfers to them, not anything wrong with their services.

    I moved to them from phurix as the customer support was terrible. Taking days to reply. Issues with connections to e-mail servers. I wouldn't go back to them.
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