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Thread: Easy way to center a website, Not the usual css.

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    Lightbulb Easy way to center a website, Not the usual css.

    I have written a short script that checks if a user has a screen rez lower than 1025 (so that the ipad is included) if it is bigger than 1025 then it centres a div according to the screen size.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    if ((screen.width<=1025)) {
    alert("Mobile device!");
    document.getElementById('page').style.left = (((screen.width-1000)/2)+'px');

    change 1000 to your screen size
    and add a div with the ID:'page'

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    Easy way to center website

    using javascript some but even many browser fail to run
    the best way like is
         <table width=1000px align=center>
              .................your pages here............

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    I tried that but in the end I found it easier to use js

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    CSS Media Queries

    i found this best can be achieved by using CSS Media Queries. You can set certain styles to display based on a width. Such as

    @media screen and (min-width: 1024) {
    #page {
      margin-right: auto;
      margin-left: auto;
      width: 1024px;
    This can be used to set all kinds of styles based on screen size. Using javascript today is not as big of deal as it was a few years ago, the only thing is everything is easier to control in CSS for the fact it is all together and you will be assured it will be displayed unless they have turn CSS off. In that case the webpage would only be text and images.
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