Hi all,

I have a page with top navigation, left navigation, body content, and right content. In the right content, I have a login menu.

When the page is loaded, the tabbing start from top nav until it gets to the right content which is the behavior I want. Now, when it gets to the login module, it is layed out as follow:

1- username input field
2- check box and a link to save username
3- password
4- forgot password link
5- login button
6- link 6
7- another form with a dropdown menu only

I setup a listener on the username input field. When the user tabs away from the username field, I set the focus to password field (if I don't do this the focus is given to the checkbox instead which is not what I want). I also set the tabindex for the rest of things above as follows:

2-login button
3-link 6
4-dropdown menu
5-check box and link to save username
6-forgot password

The code I have works in FF and chrome. All I did was setup the right tabIndex to the elements. But it didn't work in IE. IE kept failing at step5 (checkbox). It wouldn't tab to the checkbox, instead it would just halt and start all over from top nav.

Is something like this doable in IE?

Note: I can't set the tabindex=1 to the username in the HTML because I still want the tabbing to start at the top nav instead of giving focus to the username input field from the get go.