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Thread: Knowledge of Java for JSP?

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    Knowledge of Java for JSP?

    I'll be working in a JSP environment doing front-end work only. I've never done any programming, including Java. I'm not expected to program but just use and modify numerous scriptlets. Can I become a JSP user without being a Java programmer? Thanks.

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    If all you're doing is front end work on the User Interface, like stuff in dreamweaver, you would be OK not knowing JSP. However if you're editing scriptlets, you'd better not only know and understand JSP, but Java as well.

    Or, Maybe convince them to move away from convoluted and hideous JSP...

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    pjromdev said it pretty accurately.

    It really depends on what they are getting you to do, if you have never done programming then editing scriplets could be problematic. That being said it depends on how you define editing.

    If they are having you copy and past a chunk of code into the site and it should work as it, you'll be fine. The same also goes if you are just editing a few parameters in that chunk of code. For example if something is like :
    String databaseName = "Happy_Feet";
    And all your doing is changing the Happy_Feet portion, it won't be an issue. Just remember only change exactly what you are told to change.

    But if you are changing methods or parameters or anything deeper than a few words it would be wise to learn Java (Which include JSP / Servlets), HTML, CCS and JavaScript which in your case would define front end work.

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