Hi there, friends!

I have a rather simple question. It's been four long years since I last dealt with JS and although I remember the basic concepts behind loops I don't remember how to actually implement them.

This is my current code:

if (document.images) {
image0 = new Image
image1 = new Image
image2 = new Image
image3 = new Image
image4 = new Image
image5 = new Image
image6 = new Image
image7 = new Image
image8 = new Image
image9 = new Image
image10 = new Image
image11 = new Image
image12 = new Image
image13 = new Image

image0.src = "images/cover.jpg"
image1.src = "images/cover1.jpg"
image2.src = "images/cover2.jpg"
image3.src = "images/cover3.jpg"
image4.src = "images/cover4.jpg"
image5.src = "images/cover5.jpg"
image6.src = "images/cover6.jpg"
image7.src = "images/cover7.jpg"
image8.src = "images/cover8.jpg"
image9.src = "images/cover9.jpg"
image10.src = "images/cover10.jpg"
image11.src = "images/cover11.jpg"
image12.src = "images/cover12.jpg"
image13.src = "images/cover13.jpg"


What's bothering me is how redundant it is. I would much rather simplify it into a few lines where i increments by 1 from 0 to 13 in the case of image[i] and cover[i]. Is this possible? And if so, how would I go about articulating it?